From the makers of Hem Tape…Nippies

Nippies are nipple concealers that are not only practical, but also fun!

The come in the basic packs (first row) in three different colors (from left: Creme, Caramel & Black) and two different shapes (left and right: cross & center: heart.) Each package contains 2 full sets of Nippies, one in lace and the other in a solid fabric, two mini Nippies for skin test, and 4 Nippie pads to cover the most sensitive spot!

The other option is for those of us who don’t do basic! They come in three different Animal Print packs (pictured second row,) which feature not only the Animal Print Nippie, but a Solid Metallic Nippie as well and come in several different shapes. We also have Metallic Nippie packs that come with one pair of Sequin Nippies and one pair of Solid Metallic Nippies and are available in Gold, Silver & Gunmetal.

These are a great idea for those of you heading South for Spring Break—they can be worn under your swimsuit to prevent those annoying Just-Got-Out-Of-The-Pool-And-I’m-Freezing moments!

They even make a great gifts!

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Nippies Basics - $10.00 each (2 per package)

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Assorted Nippies - $15.00 (2 per package)

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