Other New Arrivals from Dogeared

100 wishes gold 100 wishes silver

100 Good Wishes Necklaces - $98.00 (gold dipped) SOLD OUT $86.00 (sterling) SOLD OUT

This is one of our fasting selling necklaces every single time we get it in! We cannot keep it in stock! It’s a gorgeous necklace with endless possibilities—you can wear it as a long necklace, a short, layered necklace or a wrap bracelet. We have been coveting this necklace since the first time it came in, but it’s never around long enough for us to buy it! Its simple 100 bead design is classic and layers well with any other Dogeared necklaces or is gorgeous worn by itself. This style also comes boxed with Dogeared’s signature cards so it makes a great gift! The card’s message reads:

balance compassion trust luck peace kindness love strength wish clarity real miracle wisdom satisfaction imagination faith fortune vision calm beauty spirit hope integrity bliss enjoy be power live optimism relax grace forever thanks believe patience courage laugh gratitude refresh savor simplify character harmony tranquility pause restore treasure reflect aspire leap dare listen learn dream awaken build embrace support smile experience delight revel indulge celebrate seek originality longevity glee success brilliance comfort greatness unity triumph abundance health loyalty serenity knowledge joy charm warmth humor enchantment happiness contentment friendship healing freedom create begin sing forgiveness cherish protection confidence play good positivity growth

healing gem pink quartz healing gem yellow jade

Large Lasting Healing Gem Necklaces - $48.00 (sterling silver) $56 (gold dipped)

We love that Dogeared is starting to do large versions of some of their (and our) best sellers! These beat out the Large Pearls of… Necklaces as our favorite! The Lasting Healing Gem necklaces each have their own meaning corresponding with the gemstone and come in both sterling silver and gold dipped chains in 6 different gemstones. We’re loving the two above as our Spring favorites, but don’t count out Turquoise! It seems like Turquoise jewelry is making a warm weather comeback as usual!

new gold new beginnings new silver new beginnings

Solid New Beginnings Necklace - $68.00 (gold dipped) $56.00 (sterling silver)SOLD OUT

The new New Beginnings necklace is great for those of you who hate mixing metals. The previous version featured a separate lotus flower in the opposite metal. This version is cast in a solid form and is less expensive than before! This necklace has a beautiful meaning for all of you looking for graduation gifts!

light as a feather gold light as a feather silver

Light as a Feather Necklaces - $56.00 (gold dipped) SOLD OUT $48.00 (sterling silver)

past present future small

Small Past Present & Future Necklace - $84.00

Simply. Beautiful. Three circles: three symbols of perfection hand cast from Sterling, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold to give them an earthy look. An incredible gift for the woman who means more to you than you've ever found words to say or that special graduate on your list.

Circles symbolize unity and wholeness connecting you to the past, present and future. Enjoy the journey.

one in a million goldone in a million silver

One in A Million Teardrop Pearl Necklace - $64.00 (gold dipped) $54.00 (silver)

Let this necklace be a reminder that like this pearl, you truly are one in a million! I love you!

make a wish gold

Make-A-Wish Necklaces - $26.00 (sterling silver) $30.00 (gold dipped)

Don’t forget the crowd favorite and best-selling gift item—the Make-A-Wish Necklaces. Each Make-A-Wish Necklace features a gold dipped or sterling silver charm on colored silk thread with a different meaning. Each card has a different message ranging from Happy Birthday to Social Butterfly. We have tons of options and are featuring several new options such as the favorite Kick Ass necklace with the new Stiletto charm!

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