Chaser Vintage Band Tees

Who doesn’t love an old band t-shirt? You know the one that you can’t get rid of, that you stole from an old boyfriend and then hid from him when you guys broke up. Chaser makes tees with vintage band tour prints that feel like they’ve been worn a few hundred times and our first shipment has just arrived! We currently have 4 designs with more on the way, including tons of non-band prints. These are super soft and perfect for those casual days around town or in class.


Boston Classic V-neck Burnout Style Tee - $38.00


No big secret that I’m a huge Queen fan, but who doesn’t love a vintage football tee?

Back print states “We Will Rock You”

Queen Football Tee - $38.00


Queen V-neck Tee - $38.00


I think this one might be my favorite of the bunch! The bottom hem has been sheared off to create a loose, asymmetrical hemline, matching the raw edges of the sleeves. I’d personally take a pair of scissors to the neckline, too, and wear it off one shoulder.

Rolling Stones Raw Edge Tee - $38.00


I’m a little sad that Nirvana can already be considered ‘vintage’ but I’m recovering quickly. This tee is long enough to wear with leggings and (obviously) your favorite Doc Marten boots and plaid shirt around your waist. An iconic tee to say the least, these tees won’t last long.

Nirvana V-neck Tee - $38.00

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