Coming Soon—Sequin and Rhinestone Brooch Headbands!

HB0806-3T  HB0815-5T HB0841-3T HB0770-3T (1)  HB0809-3THB0774-3T

A quick little update from market:

We just found these great new headbands and we couldn’t wait to tell you all about them! They should be arriving in the next two weeks—perfect timing for all of the semi-formals and holiday parties we all have coming up. They are so pretty you’ll want to wear them everyday, though! The designer swears that they stay on without giving you headaches and they’re all GREAT prices! The sequin ones (not shown) are only $15.00 and come in Black, Brown and Silver and we have metallic braided ones that will be only $8.00!

From top left:  Natalie - $20.00, Jordan (available in 4 colors) - $18.00, Jade - $28.00,

Eva  (also available in white/silver) - $32.00, Lori - $28.00, Veronica - $32.00

If you pre-order any headband shown before Wednesday, October 28th, take 10% off the price!

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