The Jonesy Ruffled Romper is Coming Back!

This amazing silk romper BLEW out of here during Spring Break and no one saw it but everyone's been asking about it so...
we brought it back! It's incredibly rare that we would reorder a style, so we obviously feel strongly about this romper (we LOVE it). We will be getting a full size run (XS-L), but several sizes have already been claimed, so please consider pre-ordering this style if you are interested in it. It's perfect on--literally everyone who tried it on, bought it.
If you want to just wait and check it out when they arrive, that's cool too, we have 2 other silk rompers coming in the same shipment!
Jonesy Black Ruffled Romper - $105.00*
Available for pre-order now online or in the store!
*This item is expected to arrive no later than April 23rd*

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