Juicy Couture Cropped Denim Leggings

Juicy White Pants F

   After this latest photoshoot, we are completely convinced that these pants should be in every woman’s closet.Juicy White Pants B

Reason #1: They’re the perfect length. Especially with embellished sandals like the Kelsi Dagger Grace Sandal shown above. And you can always cuff them if you want to wear them with flats!

Reason #2: They’re effortlessly chic. Everything we put on with them felt like it was a classic, destined to be in our closets in our hearts forever.

Reason #3: They not only come in white, but they are also available in black and we have 1 large left in this awesome hot pink color. I know hot pink pants sound scary, but I promise you’d wish they were in your size too, unless they fit you, of course. Then we’ll all be secretly hating you/coveting your pants.


Juicy Couture Cropped Denim Leggings - $128.00

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