A (Mostly) Unbiased Review of Smith’s New Eucalyptus Balm


Formerly Smith’s Mentholated Salve, the re-branded Menthol & Eucalyptus Balm is surprisingly refreshing and beautifully packaged in one of Smith’s signature tins.

I never ordered/was remotely interested in their “mentholated salve” before its reinvention. It sounded old and looked outdated and honestly reminded me of my grandparent’s old smoky house. When we got word that it had undergone a makeover, I was still skeptical but loved the packaging and decided to give it a chance—after all, Rosebud is my absolute favorite lip balm of all time and tins can be found in all of my bags and car.

Obviously being a new product we had to test it out, so I plucked one of the tins straight out of the shipping box and popped it on my lips. Verdict: This is the first time in a while that I have been so impressed/surprised by a product. The balm is completely colorless, and the scent is wonderful without being overwhelming and smells very natural. One of my least favorite things when it comes to the Smith’s products is the change in consistency between the different scents, Strawberry is never creamy enough for me compared to the original Rosebud but the Menthol & Eucalyptus Balm is so smooth and creamy it feels like your lips are gliding. To sum things up, I think this is my new favorite Smith’s lip balm. I honestly didn’t believe that Rosebud could be beat, but they’re running hand in hand right now and since I managed to smash the lid of my favorite Rosebud tin (yes, I have favorite tins of the same thing, it’s been used just enough) this is my current go-to.

I highly recommend everyone coming in just to check it out for yourself and for $7.00, you can try it without feeling guilty!

Also arriving later this week: Original Rosebud Balm in TUBES!!

rosebud tubes

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