Wish Callista Tunic

Wish Callisto Tunic F2

We’ve had a style similar to this before in a taupe colorway, so you know it had to be special for us to bring it back again. There’s just something about the way the cowl fits and how versatile the tunic is overall. I even like this one more than the previous one because of the cut of the bottom—I think the raglan bottom makes this version just a little easier to belt and layer and the color is a no brainer.

Wish Callisto Tunic F  Wish Callisto Tunic F3 Wish Callisto Tunic B

Here, we paired the Callista Tunic with our brand new silk cargo shorts by Rich & Skinny and our gold Lil Bow belt by ADA (worn backwards). Wear it long with a skirt or leggings or belt it with jeans, shorts or our favorite J Brand Houlihan cargos and you’re sure to stop traffic.

WISH Callista Tunic - $121.00

Rich & Skinny Silk Cargo Shorts - $170.00

ADA Lil Bow Belt - $55.00

Assorted Lenora Dame Chain Bangles

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