As Seen On: Kristin Cavallari Rocking Ultimate Hair Ties




Kristin Cavallari rocking Ultimate Hair Ties in Black/Gold, Pink and Yellow while out shopping and on her way home from the gym!

If you’re not familiar with UHTs, you must come and check them out! They come in a zillion colors (Fall colors arriving tomorrow) and they double as bracelets so you ALWAYS end up having a hair tie when you need it! They’re great on the go because they don’t cause creases in your hair and help to avoid split ends by not tearing your hair at all AND they actually stay in your hair! We really can’t say enough good things about them!

We can’t wait to get our next shipment in and hopefully the metallic (gold, silver & dark silver) will be in before the first football game!

Ultimate Hair Ties - $2.00 each or buy 5 get 1 free!

We’re going to be starting a UHT punch card soon, too, so stay tuned for that announcement.

Also available in an equally spectacular headband!

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