Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini with Cobalt Zip


As timeless as a Louis Vuitton, with all the style and twice the attitude, the Morning After Bag and it’s little sister, the MAB Mini (shown) are the new must-have bag.


Designed to hold everything and its mother, brother and sister, the MAB mini is the perfect everyday carryall for those of us who really do carry our lives in our purses. While she certainly is an investment piece (we have LAYAWAY!!), she’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

My first Rebecca Minkoff bag was a basic black MAB with no strap. She didn’t even make them back then. It had the signature hardware that eventually failed and still needs to be replaced, I just can’t bring myself to let her out of my sight! I’ve had her for 3 years and tried in vain to replace it just because, but I always find myself going back to her. She’s been absolutely abused—I once spilled a full 32oz fountain drink in there (don’t ask) but she still looks amazing and gets compliments wherever we go. I love her, she was my first, certainly not my last, in a glorious collection of Rebecca bags that will stand the test of time.


Rebecca Minkoff Contrast Zip MAB Mini w/ Strap – $495.00

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offrecord said...

do you have any of these left?