TOMS Gives Its 1 Millionth Pair!!


From TOMS’ Blog:

For the past 4 years, we've been led by an entreprenuer's idea and vision of a better tomorrow. We've been motivated by the smiling faces within Shoe Drop photos around the office. We've been recharged by the customers we run up to in stores and spark conversations with, "Are these your first pair?? Man, you're gonna love em! Thanks for supporting TOMS!" Now, 4 1/2 years in to it, we are approaching a milestone that proves to us, to Blake, and hopefully to our fans and customers that One for One wasn't just a trend in 2006... or 2007... or today. It's a movement. And its growing. 

This September, TOMS will be placing the one millionth pair on a child. Our giving partners (NGOs who guide us in giving shoes based on the community's need, and facilitate repeat giving for when kids grow out of or wear out their shoes) our retailers and sales reps around the world, our leaders, all of our employees, our hard-working, passionate interns, Vagabonds, campus reps and advocates have all been extremely instrumental in helping this One for One movement grow. But we wouldn't have anything to do, anything to give, if our customers and fans didn't believe in us.

Blake didn't set out on this journey to arrive at a goal of 10,000 pairs or 1 million pairs. He's always said that he wants to put TOMS on as many children as possible who need them... so we're still truckin along. We're excited about this milestone, and there will surely be a lot of fun things over the next weeks to celebrate.... but even after the  buzz has quieted, we're still the young SoCal shoe company, who with every pair is purchased, will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.

Continue to follow the story and spread this amazing news by sharing this link: http://www.TOMS.com/onemillion

Congrats to TOMS shoes from us here at Swank Boutique! Come support TOMS and their cause by purchasing a pair today! We have dozens in stock just waiting for you to take them home! The two millionth pair could be just around the corner...

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