Channeling Penny Lane

Rachel Pally Georgie 2 Anyone who us who has seen Almost Famous has has lusted over the big fringy white jacket Kate Hudson gets to wear, and while this BB Dakota Branson Fringed Cardigan isn’t quite as dramatic we still can’t wait until its cold outside! This big fuzzy sweater is just begging for a cool Fall day.

In case you hadn’t been paying attention lately, I’m excited about the wider leg opening we seem to be drawn to this season! Something about them is a nice contrast to the tight legs that we’ve been sporting for the last idontknowhowlong. These Bobby bootcut jeans by True Religion are the perfect lightweight, slightly distressed, light colored kind of laidback for this casual chic outfit and the brilliant blue pops against the muted tones of the rest of the outfit.

I haven’t gotten to talk about Rachel Pally’s exciting new Pima/Modal material yet, so prepare yourself—I’m kind of excited. Working with a material so much lighter than her signature modal-blend jersey, Rachel took her designs to the next level by experimenting with styles that normally wouldn’t work. At first, the fabric seems somewhat stiff and staying true to Rachel's typical level of hanger appeal. it has little to none. Once you put one of her pieces on, it takes on a whole new life. Draping off this curve, brushing past this one, we always feel sexy and comfortable in her styles and just love wearing them.

This Georgie Dress is, in my opinion, better as a tunic. No matter, it makes a beautiful tunic and we have it in two colors! I love it belted with one of our ADA leather belts. It creates a bold waistline where the louchy Georgie Dress has none. I think cream color is stunning and kind of makes the outfit for me. I’ve been on a kind of belt-spree lately.

 BB Dakota Fringe Sweater 2 Rachel Pally Georgie Dress

  Rachel Pally Slouchy Georgie Dress - $150.00

BB Dakota Branson Sweater - $85.00

True Religion Bobby Jeans

Dolce Vita Jezabel Clogs - $89.00

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