Introducing…Shoes by Plenty by Tracy Reese

New Fall Shipment

I’ll take one of each, thank you! Wow! I’m completely in love with them all! First of all, I’m so excited that suede shoes are making a comeback—it’s one of my favorite shoe materials. It just adds a little bit of texture to your feet. Oh, and the prices cannot be beat!

Dole I

The cobalt/navy Dole bootie is absolutely stunning. I can see it being flirty and sexy or demure and work-friendly, depending on the outfit, either way I love them. I have a pair of dark blue suede shoes I wore to death because they were my favorite “nude” shoes with denim for a long time because that dark navy is a perfect neutral blue next to jeans.

Dole - $99.00

available here

Paola F

How pretty are these Paola shoes? AND how awesome are the tassels?! I’m picturing them on my feet with tights and a dress all Fall long. I love the cutout look but sometimes it can come off harsh, which is where the suede texture and the color come in. Both help to soften the shoe and make it a feminine, grown-up shoe with a touch of attitude and a lot of class.

Paola - $119.00

available here

Piper O

While the Paola and Dole were a little more understated, Piper is not. She stomps into the room demanding attention! LOVE the foldover cuff with the pleated twill tape design around the ankle. They’re incredibly unique and the color is that perfect chestnut brown that goes with absolutely everything. They’re going down on my must-have boots list this season, especially for under $150.00!

Piper - $149.00

available here

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