Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Rocking Paula Bianco in NY

kourtney-kardashian-PB Scarf Olive Kim-Kourtney Kardashian_Olive Wine

We could go on and on about how much we love our Paula Bianco Infinity Scarves. All of us shopgirls have at least one, if that says anything about their amazingness!

Firstly, you’ll never find a softer, fluffier scarf that is perfectly not too bulky—even when tripled up around your neck for warmth! It’s a great extra layer on those days/nights that aren’t quite cool that you feel like zipping up your jacket or putting on a heavy winter coat. I wear mine daily just doubled around my neck and hanging long, almost like a necklace or a cowled collar. When it’s cold, I wrap it a third time and fluff it around my neck as a muffler. It’s even my favorite scarf for travelling because I can literally ball it up into a pillow on the plane or in the car.

One of the best details (in my opinion) is the semi-destroyed style of the scarf. It has several dropped stitches or “holes” throughout giving it a kind of boho, i’vehadthisforever feel and it makes it virtually indestructible. The scarf is a made of a really loose knit and I regularly catch it on my jewelry or my Rebecca Minkoff zippered clutch and it doesn’t matter if I end up with a loose string or a small hole—it only adds to its character.

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We currently only have Light Grey & Black in stock and are placing a new order for these scarves today in select colors. Available colors are pictured below—let us know if you would like to order a specific color and we will get it in for you if it’s not already on our order. *Olive is now sold out.

The colors on their way and in stock are available for pre-order/purchase online today. Take advantage of our Pre-Thanksgiving 20% off sale through Wednesday, November 24th and as always enjoy FREE shipping through our website or on all phone orders.


Available here.

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