Jessica Matrasko’s STOPYOUONTHESTREET Gorgeous Earrings

jessica matrasko natasha earrings

Laura and I first met Jessica at one of the Vegas markets last August and I instantly fell in love with these earrings. Normally, I shy away from earrings, though they were once my go-to accessory, I tend to stick to a thick stack of bracelets or most recently, a series of long delicate but interesting necklaces. The longer we stood there ordering some of her other styles for the store, I purchased these beauties for myself, not realizing the reaction they would receive from admirers. Every time I wear these earrings, people HAVE to talk to me about them—they’re that unique. I’m so excited to get a pair of her Mari turquoise hoops (shown below) so I can rotate out this stunning earring.

I love the juxtaposition of the gold-rimmed agate (and now clusters of turquoise!) and the delicate oversized teardrop wire earring. Almost floating among your hair, these earrings add a bit of drama to any outfit.

img_1837img_3725Jessica Matrasko Mari Earrings

Top: Natasha Geode Hoop Earrings - $172.00

From left to Right: Chelsey Geode Hoop Earrings - $154.00, Mari Turquoise Hoop Earrings - $114.00

All available here

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