Greylin Ruffled Silk Skirted Romper


Look! Over on that girl! It’s a dress, it’s shorts, it’s a skirted romper!

From the front, this silk Greylin romper looks like a dress but upon further inspection discovers the way to our hearts—shorts! While not always the most convenient outfit (ahem, bathroom visits?) rompers are easily one of our favorite things to wear out just because they feel as dressy as a dress but there’s that certain comfort level when you’re wearing shorts that a dress doesn’t offer and just wearing shorts can seem a little casual. This dress solves that problem beautifully with it’s skirted front and shorts back! It even pairs well with a belt—one of our favorite accessories du jour and we love the pretty ruffled details and adjustable keyhole back.


Greylin Ruffled Silk Skirted Romper - $96.00

Available here.

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