BBD Garret Vest_06

It’s that time again… with Fashion Week peeking around every corner the sweet scent of autumn is slowly but surely bringing us out of our summer coma (spare us, we know) and back into reality. But as much as we may want to soak up every last ray and put chilly weather in its place, we must stay true to mother nature and embrace the seasons (styling purposes of course)! Fortunately, with the army of fall shipments that have been literally piling into the store throughout the past week, we are officially ready to say “Good-bye summer, helloooo layers!” On top of developing a slightly serious addiction to hi-lo hems, over-sized shapes, cowl necks, and knitted/draped/cape-like pieces, the trends for fall have left us watering at the mouth. Think open-stitched thick knits, furry throws, muted shades of browns, pinks, grays, and blues, and stripes for days. Pretty sure its safe to say the Swank girl will not go cold this year!



Come have the first look of Fall 2011 in store and online!


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