Styles we LOVE: Vanessa Mooney's THE TOTE

We've all been obsessed with this amazing leather tote since we first spotted it on the cover of Vanessa Mooney's Holiday 2011/2 Wholesale Catalog and we've been drooling over it since! I'm convinced it was made for me and would (obviously) look perfect paired with my Vanessa Mooney Long Lonestar Necklace! I digress, but seriously, in love with this bag.

Available in Black or Chocolate, this bag is the perfect size for traveling--great as a carry-on, easily folded into your suitcase, or is just big enough to fit everything you might need for a weekend away.

Not doing much traveling? Carry it everyday as a work or school bag. It's definitely big enough for the largest of textbooks and your laptop or tablet or both. And just throw any other necessities, pens and small knickknacks you might need during the day in one of our gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff bright leather pouches and everything is organized and at your fingertips in an instant.


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