Introducing Km2 Accessories at Swank!


A little about Km2:

Three sisters founded KM2, Megan, Katelyn and Mattison Gelber. They have developed a unique style that is rooted in nostalgia, has a high class, edgy flare, but is relaxed and comfortable. This comes from their mid-western roots and life experiences in both New York and LA. Having worked years in the industry, each sister brings a very different flare and skill to the company, creating a wonderful fashion blend. They have been taught from the best in fashion by a father that is an extremely successful women’s designer, and a mother who trained them to stay timeless and feminine. When you blend their training with their unique outlook on life and design, you get incredible pieces that are classy, artistic and feel like they were made just for you!

The uniqueness of our line is that we mostly use vintage pieces and each style is completely customizable--this creates an individual product that is uniquely yours.

We snagged a few pics from their blog as a teaser of what’s arriving next week!

The Matti Stretch Crystal Headband is available in every color in the rainbow features a double row of Swarovski Crystals on a stretch elastic—think the sparkly clean (no knot) version of our Ultimate Hair Bands!


Modeled here by the designers’ sister, the Matti looks amazing as a headband or a bracelet—most of their crystal belts can be worn as hairpieces as well and all styles are completely customizable within a week (at the most!)

Matti Stretch Crystal Headband - $30

Keeping it Local: Each piece is handcrafted in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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