23 Skidoo Flash Mob Dance Featuring Hanky Panky

Created by Shandoah Goldman Dance Projects, 23 Skidoo, is a site "flash mob" inspired
dance event that performed yesterday at the Flatiron Building in NYC in honor of its 110th anniversary.

Inspiration for the project:
The work is based on an iconic image from an early 1900s legend regarding the Flatiron Building. It is said that the building's triangular shape created specific wind currents. These gusts of wind would blow women's skirts, revealing their legs as they walked by.  Such an occurrence caused men to loiter and watch, finding fascination with the bare legs of a woman (seldom exposed at the time). Local authorities would shout '23 Skidoo' as a code word, telling men to scatter and stop their gazing.

Each of the female dancers donned a pair of Hanky Panky Boyshorts in a different color and proudly displayed them to the (many) bystanders in attendance.

Check out a video excerpt of the performance below and check out the Hanky Panky Boyshort for 
yourself, available at Swank Boutique!

23 Skidoo Excerpt from shandoah goldman on Vimeo.

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