TKEES Leather Sandals

Tkees are the sandal we've been craving for Summer that we didn't even realize we really wanted. A hit along the west coast and among celebrities, these pretty flip flops come in an amazing array of colors and in leather, suede, and patent leather.

We weren't sure we needed a pair until they sent us a sample and we quickly discovered we never wanted to be without them! Chic and classy enough to wear in those non-sloppy-flip-flop-moments, Tkees are even slim enough to fit nearly unnoticed in your bag.

Each pair is $48 and are available in whole sizes. The 8 colors pictured above are already on their way but we will be getting more colors throughout the summer--let us know if you have any requests!

From Bottom: 

Sable, Opal, Wild Blonde (stripe), Beach Pearl, Poppy, Stone, Neon Yellow & Neon Pink

*The Wild Blonde metallic zebra-ish stripe is bound to sell out quickly for all you Mizzou Tiger lovers so definitely be sure to pre-order to reserve if you're interested in a pair! 

Don't forget we have a pre-order discount and free shipping!

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