Everyday Essentials: Miss Oops

Have you ever been dressed and ready to go (definitely in a hurry) and while checking yourself out one more time in the mirror you realize that you have make-up or deodorant stains on your top?  Miss Oops has created the perfect quick fix for all of those dreaded stains: The Rescue Sponge!

The Rescue Sponge, what we dub one of our 'everyday essentials', is a dry sponge spot remover that is safe to use on all fabrics.  When you notice the spot, like make-up or deodorant, just briskly rub the dry sponge against the offending mark and watch it disappear!  Sponges are sold separately or in a double pack and are conveniently packaged in a resealable pouch.  They're the perfect gift and can easily be thrown into your purse for any trouble you may have on the go! Purchase through the store or by calling 573.256.4795 - because you never know when you'll need to be rescued.

Miss Oops Single - $6

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