Seeing Stars

We've had this gorgeous Starfish Cuff before but I've never wanted it as bad as I do now! I don't know if I've just never spent so much time handling it as when I had to shoot it and then stare at it as I edited the pics, but it has left me suddenly dying for warm weather (and I'm a Fallismyfavoritetimeoftheyear girl--hands down!)

There's something so fun about this unique textured cuff that wraps around your wrist, never losing its style. It squeezes tighter for those times when you just want it to stay put on your forearm or you can let it loosely dangle at your wrist. 

If you put it on and wish really really hard, maybe Summer will come early this year! Ok, so probably not...but that's what I'll be doing and I'd rather not be the only one!

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