Start Off Your Spring With a Little Sparkle

That's right--we're having a little event to help the gorgeous ladies from Lily Dawson Designs and Km2 Headbands and Belts kick off their Spring 2013 Collections!

Lily Dawson is a local jewelry designer from here in Columbia, focusing on layerable statement pieces with a heavy chain emphasis and leather and crystal detailing. On top of designing and then creating each piece from her collection, she also specializes in custom pieces for those moments when you need that little something special and you don't want anyone else to have it!

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Km2 is comprised of 3 sisters who are determined to make sure that you always stand out in a crowd! Whether wearing them on your head or around your waist, Km2's stunning crystal accessories make you feel like a star. We've paired them with nearly every dress we have in the store and they look great over a blazer. The ladies have also recently added a few cold weather accessories into the mix along with their signature collection of completely customizable shoes.

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