Semi-Annual Sale Tips

If you're a seasoned semi-annual sale-er then you probably have your own tips and tricks for the big day, but we wanted to help out those who may be coming for the first time or for out-of-towners!  

1.  Pre-shop!  Pre-shopping this week is your best bet for Saturday.  The longest lines are the fitting rooms and checkout but if you know exactly what you're getting in what size you can bypass the fitting room and get in and out at the beginning of the sale.

2. No bags!  We do not allow large purses!  They take up too much room and we don't want anybody loosing their belongings.  Please stash bags in your car or just bring your wallet.  (Make sure you bring your picture ID for credit and debit card purchases - we always ID)

3.  No returns!  Unfortunately due to the chaos of the event we will not be able to process returns.  The item won't get out onto the floor that day which is unfair to others and yourself!  So please have your returns completed before the day of the sale.

4.  Wear fitted clothing - if you need to try on and don't want to wait it line it is much easier to throw on clothes over what you are already wearing.  

5.  Arrive before 8AM!  This year if you're in line before we open the doors you receive an extra 5% off compared to those who walk in at 8am.  We want to reward those who are willing to sit outside in the cold just to make sure they get what they want - that's dedication!

6.  Drink your coffee before coming in - there will be no food or drink allowed in the store on Saturday

7.  If you need help don't be afraid to ask a shopgirl!  Shopgirls can help direct you, answer questions and even help locate an item that you can't find!  They're here for you so please use them as a resource.

8.  Out-of-Towners we will be activating the SEMIANNUAL code at 8:00:01 am on Saturday.  If you order before 8AM, we will not be able to give you a discount on your order.  It's best to place your order first thing in the morning so that we can try and pull your items before someone snatches them!  
We hope this helps!  If you have any other questions feel free to facebook/tweet/instagram us or call the store at 573.256.4795.  Happy Shopping!

**Discounts only good on in-stock merchandise.  No pre-orders or special orders.  All Sales Final.

We will be giving away 4 opportunities for you and 1 friend to get in 20 minutes early to our Semi Annual Sale You must "like" Swank on Facebook and on Twitter and you get extra entries for SHARING or tweeting about the sale! You may enter/tweet/share once per day and the more you enter the better your chances of winning! Good luck to everyone--we'll be posting our new arrivals, favorite in-store styles, and Semi Annual Sale tips all week! 

Don't forget to stop by and pre-shop so you don't have to try on on Saturday!

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