New Cross Mini Rings from Bing Bang

We're obsessed with the new Tattoo Finger Ring Collection by New York based Bing Bang. Founded by one of our all-time favorite jewelry designers--Anna Sheffield, we've been dying for our order to arrive since we saw it in New York!
A little about the line:
Since its inception, the Bing Bang brand has adhered to these four aesthetic themes: the Punk Rock ethos, Native American arts and amulets, Victorian keepsakes, and the ever-relevant street culture of New York City.  
Working like bakers, or modern day alchemists, the Bing Bang team crafts its delectable seasonal collections and ultimate classics with a pinch of this -salty- a dash of that -sweet- and a little something off the wall -we call that part Punk. The end result is a line of delicate essentials with just the right amount of toughness, paired with downtown chic, and many minis for avid collectors.
 Bing Bang Cross Mini Ring - $66

Vivienne Cross Studs - $48

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