Jewelry With Personality

We've always been a fan of mixing metals and pairing dainty and chunky pieces together...that's us!  We go for the bold, the beautiful, the out there and everything in between, while others may stick to one metal color or only dainty pieces - no matter the style, we all wear jewelry that explains a little bit about us.  I know a lot of women who wear keepsake jewelry, I am definitely one of those.  Around my neck every day I have my Dogeared Charm Dynasty Necklace which connects to my heritage and a beautiful diamond necklace my beau gave me.  Mood often steers me in the right direction when accessorizing each day too. Whenever I'm having  a rough start to my day I tend to reach for my Deepa Gurnani Spike Wrap Bracelet with whatever I'm wearing.  It instantly adds a hard edge to my outfit & everyone knows beware :)  No matter your style, let it shine!

In a recent photoshoot, we stuck with one metal color and mixed all shapes and sizes of jewelry featuring Rebecca Minkoff, Lily Dawson and Gorjana.

Gorjana Lena Shimmer Double Bar Ring - $120


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