Hanky Panky on the Today Show

Did you catch Hanky Panky on the Today Show Monday morning?  In their "favorite things" portion of their show, Kathie Lee tested out Hoda's pick: Hanky Panky!  While many of us may not understand the "one size fits all", Cher re-assured everyone in the audience that the briefs, cheeky panties and boyshorts all come sized unlike the thongs.  

I was like any other skeptic before I tried Hanky Panky.  I was a Victoria's Secret girl for the most part, but I was always disappointed when my lace panties would start unraveling and elastic strands would be sticking out in every direction.  After two years of working here and hearing rave reviews from other shopgirls, I finally tried the low rise thong...WOW.  They're extremely comfortable, super stretchy and come in a myriad of colors and prints based on the season.  And unlike most underwear brands, they come in a variety of rises: low rise, mid rise and original rise.  

While people may say that a copy cat may be just as good for the price, it won't.  Each pair of Hanky Panky is made with their copyrighted lace pattern and uses over 30 yards of thread.  More thread, means more stitches, which leads to a more durable and higher quality product.  In the end you'll spend more on 'bargain' lace panties because they don't have the fit, feel or long life that Hanky Panky does.

Could it get any better?  Yes!  Hanky Panky is manufactured and sourced in the United States.  Their design studio, showroom, sample room, administrative offices and warehouse are all located in New York.  Their packaging concepts are executed from 100% recycled paper, they use only 100% recycled paper for their copiers and printers and they donate 100% of their fabric fallout to arts and crafts groups. They are conscious of stimulating the economy and protecting the environment.

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