Label We Love: Suburban Riot

We've been SO excited ever since we placed our first order at market and now we can share everything with our swankaddictsSub_Urban RIOT was founded in 2006 in Venice, CA as a fashion industry collective. The name comes from the idea of combining elements of everyday life that normally don’t go together. Juxtaposition, and contradictory concepts when blended can create fun and interesting ideas.  It is a modern independent lifestyle apparel brand for those who want something different - they stray from the norm and like things that are a little off kilter, a little twisted and add commentary to the current social environment.  

They started designing tees for their friends from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (Haley's favorite show) in 2006.  The tees that have been worn on the show have become embedded with the show's unique personalities (Rum Ham, Flipadelphia) and Sunny's cult following have come out in masses to buy them.  

Sub_Urban RIOT not only makes men's clothing, but also women's casual-contemporary clothing.  Their designs are based on on-point trend pieces that pay tribute to the spirit of the times.  They create clothes with premium quality and original design at a reasonable price.  

In our first shipment from Sub_Urban RIOT, we only received Men's clothing, but most some styles are also available for women:

A classic style with a dinosaur skull collage across the front.  Slim fit.

 Part beer, part kodiak bear, 100% badass

Don't forget to do a little camping.  Stay rugged bro.  Slim fit, soft fleece pullover.

Majestic panther perched on a regal cliffside overlooking a purple sunset

Lightweight cotton traditional slim fit shirt with a worn-in feel

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