Miley Cyrus Wrapped Up In Paula Bianco

Our all around favorite scarf and best seller is also the Twerking Queen's go to for staying warm in the winter!  Paula Bianco's Chunky Wrap Scarf has gotten us through many freezing winters and we're excited to add more to our collection.  We have three different styles on their way, including the one Miley is wearing (above) in black, cream, olive, chocolate and red.  Did we mention they're unisex?

All of the styles that we ordered are unisex, including this ombre indigo chunky wrap scarf.  We're not the only ones who get cold in the winter, so get your man a favorite scarf to wear too!  The last style was the first style we ever carried - the destroyed infinity scarf.

The destroyed infinity scarf is a huge hit among celebrities and is a thinner infinity scarf.  I throw this style on year round and wrap it looser in the warmer months.  The grey that is pictured will be available, as well as olive and cobalt blue.  All styles range from $82 - $105.

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