The Perfect Valentine's Dress Has Arrived


Can you imagine a more perfect dress to make his jaw hit the ground this Valentine's Day?! 

The Antigua Mini Dress caused quite the drama when it made an appearance in white the other night on the season premiere of the Bachelor, so why shouldn't it be you that everyone's jealous eyes are on all night?  On that note, we have to agree with one of our customers when she said, "they were all just jealous because they were all wearing gaudy formal gowns and she was actually being fashionable and wearing something that is in literally every boutique right now and is actually in style!"
But really, this dress is EVERYWHERE right now and as holy-naked as it seems to be, this dress is amazingly, and strategically, perfectly lined. The super-thin nylon lining literally follows the embroidery EXACTLY and barely budges while wearing it, so no wardrobe malfunction fears required! Other than the illusion of the mesh's 'coverage', the Antigua Mini Dress is less revealing than most cami-strap mini dresses out there--but she makes a 1000X WOW factor impression on your date and everyone else in the room compared to everything else...

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