How to ACTUALLY Wear a Sheer Shirt

You know those tops, the ones you've had since college that just fit soo good and seemed to go with soo much...in college. In those days, your bra showing or an occasional barely-nip slip didn't seem like such a big deal, but now that you have a career (or are working toward one) or a family, it just doesn't work. 

Enter...the Hanky Panky BARE Bralette!  


One of the newest additions to the BARE collection, which boasts Hanky Panky comfort with a barely-there look under clothing. While it doesn't offer much in the "push-up" department, it more than makes up for it with natural shaping and in the practicality of having a nearly invisible appearance under even the sheerest of tops! 

We have to be honest, until recently we really didn't have a personal need for the BARE bralette. We had ordered it for the store under a blind trust of the BARE collection based on our former experiences with the BARE Thong (amazing) and Hanky Panky overall(amazing-er). Then, our For Love & Lemons started showing up and their mostly sheer styles nearly require it--especially when you want to cheat and wear the sheer lace Infatuation Bodysuit outside the bedroom. It's so beautiful, we don't know how you could resist the temptation to show it off in the daylight! Featuring a completely sheer top, solid waistband and stretch brief bottom with snaps, we LOVE it with a high-waisted skirt or pants and a jacket, with, of course, the BARE Bralette. No nip slips here, thank you very much!


We ALWAYS recommend Hanky Panky for everyday wear, but we have really come to love their newest specialty products within the BARE & CONCEALERS collections. Obviously Hanky Panky is renowned for their comfort and barely-there feel & look, but every once in a while we run into a super tight dress or a silky material that just doesn't hide the subtle texture of the lace beneath. That's where the BARE Eve Thong and Boyshort come in! The incredibly thin material hugs your body perfectly and doesn't budge once on like some "invisible" styles tend to. We had the Eve Thong originally in 3 colors and it was a HUGE hit with everyone from the special occasion shopper to the Hanky Panky addicts--everyone runs into a reason for EVE at some point! Now, she's available in 6 colors and more are promised this Spring. And, for those short dresses or those of us not as comfortable with a thong, Hanky Panky has launched the BARE Boyshort. Available in 2 colors, the Boyshort fits a true short, hitting straight across the top of the thigh and just below your cheeks!

As for the Concealors Cami's & Slip (since we already sang the praises of the BARE bralette), they are for those shirts that you are always avoiding because they're just too sheer to be considered work-appropriate. The super lightweight nylon-knit cami's completely (and magically) conceal anything beneath them. Available in a nude or black, at $28 we recommend both! The black is solid enough that it can be worn alone under a jacket and the nude is an absolute necessity for semi-sheer tees, lace tops, silk blouses--you name it! The slip is a little bit of a looser fit than the cami, so it doesn't help in the case of fitted dresses, but it does come with an almost midi-length raw hem that you can trim to the perfect length for your body.

unique BARE fabric which offers the barely-there look beneath clothing - See more at: http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/bare-bralette/#sthash.bSdJKTcF.dpuf
unique BARE fabric which offers the barely-there look beneath clothing - See more at: http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/bare-bralette/#sthash.bSdJKTcF.dpuf

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