Spring 2014: Semi-Annual Sale

This is our absolute largest sale of the year and doors open at 8AM--be there or miss out! 
This is a 1-day sale and is 100% worth the hassle of the wait and the crowds--it's hard to beat 20-45% off the entire store! 


While we continue to offer our amazing sale online, we cannot guarantee availability--this is a first come first serve sale and if someone in the store snags it first, we will send you a message by the end of the day and the amount of the item will be refunded within 2-3 days! 
 We also accept phone orders after 8am, so please don't call before 8, we won't pick up! Also, we only have 2 phone lines, so please be patient and call back if the lines are busy. 
If you intend to do a phone order, please call ahead (i.e. Monday-Friday) with any questions or shopping assistance--this sale is absolutely crazy and we unfortunately don't have the womanpower to be able to walk through the store shopping for you!
It's also incredibly helpful to Haley if you call ahead and put your credit card on file (we promise it remains safely locked away) but it saves quite a bit of time on the day of the sale and you're more likely to get the items you're calling in!
All online and phone orders will be pulled as we receive them and will be shipped on Monday, March 2nd.
Shipping for all online orders is a flat rate of $10.
Remember, you can always choose in-store pick up too!  Items purchased for in-store pick up will be available at 12 noon for pick up (if you purchase in the morning) or 30 minutes after your sale online in the afternoon.


While we do consider the sale on the entire store, there are a few exceptions...
  • Sseko Designs sandals, bangles, and bags--sorry these are for a good cause and therefore there isn't much margin in them and we can't afford to sell them below cost!
  • ALL NEW Missouri Is Awesome Tees--these shirts are just too much in demand and too hard to keep in stock - all older styles will be available in the sale though!
  • RVC Vintage Chanel--these are unique vintage pieces and due to their rareness, these will be excluded
...everything else, including sale merchandise, is ON SALE the amount listed above (only if it is a better deal for you, it is NOT additional) --your hand will be marked upon entry to the store and your discount is based on that. If you leave the store, your hand will be re-marked when you return. If you are thinking about an item after your morning visit, we highly recommend you come back during our LAST CHANCE SALE between 5-6--we promise, you won't be the only one there multiple times during the day! 


We started this a few Semi Annual Sales ago and it has been a huge hit. It's an opportunity to come back for those things you thought twice about in the morning and for newbies unfamiliar with the sale to come and snag some discounts (after you veterans have gotten your first picks of course!)

We close at 4PM for some ShopGirl R&R and to put the store back together and REOPEN at 5PM (there's usually a line for this opening too so get here early just like in the morning!) From 5-6pm ONLY, we do another hour of 40% off the entire store, same exclusions apply.


  • If you are intending to use your parents' credit card and we don't already have a note from them saying it is ok for you to use it, please have them give Haley or Erin a call at 573-256-4795 before Saturday--we do check identification with every credit card transaction and cannot allow mismatched cards/ids.
  • Due to the craziness and the limited space, we do not allow large bags or food & drink in the store during the sale--please leave them in your cars! 
  • If you are using a credit card to pay for your purchase, PLEASE bring your ID in with you! 
  • All sales are FINAL during our Semi Annual Sale and no returns or exchanges on this merchandise will be accepted. We also cannot process returns or exchanges during the sale, so please come in before Friday if you intend to use your store credit for Semi Annual Sale purchases!
We are as excited as ever for Saturday to arrive and can't wait to see you here! We'll be here everyday for any questions or pre-shopping you want to get it on before Saturday--we HIGHLY recommend coming in with a gameplan!

PLEASE NOTE: We will be closing at 6pm TODAY to get everything ready and for us to get some rest before Saturday--see you bright and early!

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