Periscope Down! ...or Backwards...


We loved this dress from the day we ordered it (obviously we couldn't even decide which color we liked best) but the styling team at GazelleSTL & GazelleWest Magazines made us love it even more when they turned it around and wore the back detail in the front! 

It's obviously a little risque for everyday, so we paired it below with our Strappy Back Bralettes which ended up looking great whether you wear it forwards or backwards!

     http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/1051/    http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/1051/
     above -- worn normally                   below -- worn backwards
     http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/1051/    http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/1051/ 

Shop the whole outfit here: 

       http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/1051/    http://www.swankboutiqueonline.com/1051/

Forwards or backwards, we can't get enough of it!

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