Insider Tips for Surviving the Swank Semi Annual Sale


Tomorrow isn't like any other Saturday...it's that one day when the items you've been lusting after for so long are attainable without breaking the bank!  If you've never been before, The Semi Annual Sale is perfect for adding basics to your closet, splurging on that statement coat for Fall, starting your holiday shopping early or finding the perfect outfit for Saturday night.  What we're really trying to say is, don't miss out on the sale of the year!  We've been doing this for a couple years now (10 to be exact) and we've learned a little something along the way....

1. Pre-shop, Pre-shop, Pre-shop!  We can't stress this enough.  Knowing your size and having an idea of what you want will make your waiting time minimal.  Even if you're unable to come into the store, checking products online beforehand will be extremely helpful to you.

2. Pack Light - we don't allow handbags or drinks in during the sale, so grab a small wallet and go or leave your bag in your car while you shop.

3.  Wear Tight, Layerable Clothing - one of the longest lines is the fitting room.  If you come prepared and are able to try clothes on over what you're wearing, you'll be able to skip that line entirely

4.  Payment - we check ID's on all credit and debit card transactions.  If you are using a parent's credit card, please have them call before 6PM on Friday to give their permission. 

5. Sale Items - all items on the floor are eligible for the discount. If you have chosen a sale item, you will receive either the sale price or the discount off of the original price (whichever is a better deal for you).

Phone Orders 

1. Call at 8AM - we are unable to pull orders if people call before 8am.  It is unfair to the people who have been waiting outside since the crack of dawn to allow phone orders before the doors have been unlocked.

2. First Come First Serve - the people in the store have first priority, with that said, we will try our hardest to pull pieces right away for you!

3. Payment Info - we will be calling you later in the day to grab credit card information.  Don't worry, we will be writing down the time you call in order to provide the correct discount information

4. Discount Marks - you will be marked once you enter and can stay as long as you would like.  Once you leave, if you re-enter you will be re-marked for that new time. 

Online Orders

1. Discount Code - SEMIANNUAL will be activated right at 8AM and the discount amount will change at each interval as posted

2.  First Come First Serve - as per phone orders the in-store shoppers have first priority, but we will be pulling items as quick as we can for you!  Some items in your order will be refunded, if so this will happen Monday or Tuesday morning.

3. Shipping - we ship USPS Priority Mail and will ship either Saturday or Monday.  Shipping will be a flat rate of $10 for domestic shipments and $20 for international shipments

No price match on previously purchased merchandise

All orders are eligible for pick up or shipping with a flat rate of $10 


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