Playing with Texture


A great thing to think about when putting an outfit together is texture. The texture of an item, even a faux texture printed on, can set the tone for an outfit and gives you the option of dressing in a muted color palette without feeling boring or matchy-matchy.

IMG_2418  IMG_2422

Pairing a black knit or silk with this black burnout tank breaks up an all-over black outfit and keeps it from feeling too heavy.

Burnout styles are also a great way to pop a bright color or metallic underneath as another layer. The burnout texture is created by washing all of the cotton material out of a cotton/poly blend tee so that all that's left is the polyester. That’s what creates that cool slub look and the semi-sheerness of the fabric.


We paired the burnout tank in white with a multi-knit ruffled cardigan in oatmeal. The burnout tank’s texture paired with the different pointelle knit textures on each of the ruffles and the stacked ruffles themselves come together and create a simple, chic, casual look perfect for running around town!

 IMG_2438IMG_2444 IMG_2442

All tops by Kensie

Burnout Tail Tanks - $34.00

Ruffled Cardigan – $78.00

J Brand 910 Leggings in Sable - $165.00

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