The Semi-Annual Sale 2014!

Get excited, the Semi-Annual Sale is upon us!!  If you're a crazy swankaddict like me, then you started searching the website as soon as you heard the announcement..and have crossed and un-crossed so many items on your wishlist that it's barely readable :)  If you're not a seasoned veteran, let me lay out all the details:

We will be closing early Friday evening (6PM) in order to get the store ready for Saturday morning chaos!  Our progressive sale will start at 8am (get here early) with 45% off full priced merchandise.  The percentages off will be taken at the register (and all progressive sale percentages are listed above). We will be closing at 4PM to tidy up the store and get everything back on their respective racks to open from 5-6 PM for a LAST CHANCE SALE of 40% off!

Helpful Tips/Reminders:

1.  Get here early!!  There will be a line outside of the store if you arrive before 8 AM.

2. No Coffee/Purses - because it is such a frenzy in the morning we will not be allowing purses or beverages (unless they are plastic bottles with re-sealable caps) in the store.  Stash your beverages and bags in your car right before you head inside, but remember we DO need a form of identification if you are paying with a card.

3.  Pre-shop!  We always recommend pre-shopping online or in the store beforehand.  We are more than willing to shop with you this week and create a notecard for you with all the pieces you are wanting.  If you are unable to pre-shop, it's always a good idea to wear leggings the day of the sale to try clothes on as the fitting rooms are always crowded.

4.  If you need help, all of the Shopgirls will be wearing matching t-shirts for the sale day!

5.  Returns- we will not accept merchandise returns on the day of the sale for the sale price.  If an item is returned it will go back out on the floor on Sunday as all of our staff is helping customers during the sale.

6.  Phone Orders - you're welcome to call in phone orders on the day of the sale.  Please DO NOT call before 8AM, we want to give everyone a fair chance at purchasing merchandise.

7. Parent's Credit Cards - if you are using your parent's credit card the day of the sale, they need to call us THIS WEEK giving you permission to use it the day of the sale.

8. Sale Merchandise - all sale merchandise prices are marked and no further discount will be applied.

**The Semi-Annual Sale will be online as well**

*All Sales Final*
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