Looking Good While Staying Fit

As "athleisure" has become more a part of our everyday wardrobe, we've found ourselves moving past Lululemon and Nike and lusting after the super luxe and dare we say, sexy styles by London-based Varley. Featuring up-to-there sheer mesh panels, subtle prints and zipper details while utilizing luxurious technical fabrics, Varley perfectly marries performance and wearability taking you from the gym to the coffee shop effortlessly. 

Mixing functional sportswear with contemporary details seems a little frivolous--non-functional zippers at the hips anyone? I can hear my boyfriend now...'they aren't really pockets?' Then what's the point?' Firstly, they're gold and who doesn't love a touch of glam, especially when sweating your butt off at the gym? Secondly, they're sexy and everyone woman deserves to feel like she looks good while working to look (and feel) good! They're also really nice, heavy zippers so they don't flop around driving you crazy as you're moving and backed with fabric on the inside so they won't rub against you. Other than looking awesome when I caught myself in the mirror, I haven't noticed them during my multiple workouts in the Sofia Compression Tight. It's nice to have a pair of active-quality leggings that don't feel like I look like I just came to the gym, too!

The not-so basic blacks:

left: Vincent Black Crop -- right: Aileen Black Tight

left: Rennie L/S Top -- right: Terri Black Crop

LOVE this surf-inspired zipper pull detail on the Dee Crop in Navy!

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