Label We Love: Morrissey

Morrissey, JR's newest endeavor focuses on fit, detail, great fabrics and skillful hands like his two previous labels.  He has a unique and rare knowledge of the design process which is demonstrated by his attention to detail, production and personalization sales.  Each garment produced under Morrissey, in Brooklyn, holds a unique significance for its wearer through treatments and embellishments.  While each piece may be casual it is intricately constructed demonstrating JR's affinity for superior construction.  In his embellishments and details within each garment, he is able to express a little bit of himself to the consumer.  What we love most about JR and Morrissey is that JR is present at every step of the design and production process.  He says, "The best part about working so closely with the factory is that you are with the garment from the fabric choice all the way through the process.  It gives you a real understanding and appreciation for the design and the people involved" - What a cool dude!  We admire how much pride he has in each piece and the people helping to create his vision.

Our first shipment arrived late last week and we've already had the three pieces in heavy rotation!  The Lily Drape Vest has an awesome suede peplum back and both sides in the front are backed in suede.  A perfect piece for transitioning from Summer to Fall - throw on over a tank now and a long sleeve or thin sweater when it starts getting chilly. 

The Varsity Jacket is open with 3/4 length sleeves.  The top collar has a thick rib which connects to a soft leather lapel (both inside and out).  

We paired our favorite Columbia tank with the Morrissey Varsity Jacket for a night out.  The leather and knit jacket adds sophistication through it's structure and pairs well with our Rebecca Minkoff Dexter Bucket Bag.  The last piece, is a thick knit animal print legging with a thick waistband.

With a texturized touch, these leggings will pair perfectly with nude, black and white tunics or chunky sweaters.  Tuck into boots, booties or wedge sneakers in the fall.

Lily Drape Vest - $169

Varsity Jacket - $250

Animal Print Leggings - $94

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